In the morning, I came to know about a python twitter bot which replies automatically to anyone who @ mentions you. I found it pretty much interesting. Later today, one of my friends asked me for a twitter authentication python script. Searched a bit on internet, found Tweepy to be the most efficient and easiest to use. But unfortunately couldn't get it installed on My machine windows7 (yes, I wasn't working on Ubuntu machine today). I wasted like 3-4 hours searching for a work-around for tweepy, but all in vain.

Finally, I came to know about another twitter API i.e. TwitterAPI. Got it installed easily. This time I was determined to make a twitter bot. Picked up random content from profound google search and decided to post tweets automatically from that content using the bot.


  • Create a Twitter application for TweetBot.
  • Get your applications' API key and API secret and insert these values in the placeholders in the script.
  • You will be prompted to visit a link for authorization, goto that link.
  • After Authorizing using your Twitter account, you will be able to see a Verifier Code. Copy and paste it in the python shell executing the script.
  • And, BOOM! you have successfully integrated your account with TweetBot. It will continue tweeting random stuff after mentioned time period.

PS: Just a FUN project!

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