We were brainstorming for a unique and eye catching idea that would turn heads and push boundaries. The broad goal that we decided upon was to explore and expand the usage of ML to more than just complicated big data machines using the algorithms provided by Clarifai. We settled on a platform in which we could utilize these capabilities and settled on twitter.

What it does

The website, after the user authenticates their twitter on it, scans through and flags all explicit and nsfw content through our content filter and through the ML API. After, the user can choose to delete all of their profane and explicit tweets from our website.

How we built it

Our group utilized Python for implementing our API's (Twitter and Clarifai), HTML/CSS/JS for our website, and we implemented JS and the Flask Framework for actually connecting our website with the internet.

Challenges we ran into

Setting up and running the Clarifai and Twitter API's. We ran into a host of issues in trying to code in and implement the API's in the desired way. It took quite a bit of troubleshooting.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

ML ALGORITHMS!!!! Also this was our group's first Hackathon. We probably would not be able to do this without our mentor! Thanks Glenn! Everything honestly. It was a lot of firsts and although challenging, very rewarding.

What I learned

How to structure and start a website, how to set up a framework, how to utilize a ML Algorithm, how to connect the front end and backend, how to use Github, VSCODE Collaborative Share, and more!

What's next for Tweet Away

Implementing more nuanced ML algorithms for the text tweets! Also maybe implementing this in more social media platforms as well! We would also focus on improving the visual aspect of our website.

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