Are you a derp when it comes to planning ahead? Use our Tweetaneous to spontaneously plan your trips based on twitter location clustering, points of interests in those areas and instantly win over the love of your friends.

What it does

Pick a general location of interest to travel and we will gather real time tweets and cluster them into the main hot spots. Then when you zoom into the hot spots you will see the points of interest. You can adjust the clustering parameter and see a heatmap of all the tweets.

How we built it

We used the Twitter API to get location based tweets, sklearn to do kmeans clustering to find the centroids of the tweets and then use Tomtom and Amadeus to find the points of interest in that specific area. We also used the here api's geocode to convert location address to longitude latitude to position the map and display areas of interest as well as the tweets

Challenges we ran into

bugs, time crunches, writing this description in time. ahhhh!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

great distribution of tasks, very good contracts between frontend backend and between APIs

What we learned

Planning ahead is key but it is OK to SPONTANEOUSLY pivot when things change :P

What's next for Tweetaneous

Generate itineraries for the lazy and send it out to all their friends traveling with them. Once again winning the love and trust of friends <3

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