Augment reality is amazing! Now we can look at the world! And not down at a little phone!!

What it does

Help us see the beautiful things that have always been around us

How I built it

Using ios's ARKit

Challenges I ran into

Computing the relative pose of objects wrt the phone. Localization among many phones. Real time sharing of data.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Doing so much even though we have only basic knowledge of ios development, and no knowledge of google firebase.

What I learned

ios ARKit is not bad! Their VIO is respectable! Google firebase works pretty darn fast!

What's next for tweet-AR

Emojis everywhere! More types of content, ie:

Photo content (camera roll or actual camera) Audio content (record and replay) Offline mode, Intel Nuk as offline storage station, AR only to easily access data Little cubicle as landmark or position around cubicle and carry around Share content only with specific persons Calibrate Apriltags from multiple views from different angles Have lockable “Treasure-Boxes” Group files in folders Upload/download data in separate thread

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