Help and motivate people achieve their goals in a healthy way.

People may have one or more goals and there is tons of information and resources available online that can help achieve this goals. How to bring this information to them to support them in their goals. How to help people enjoy their journey and be motivated while they are pursuing their goals? While helping people reaching their goals we may also help resolve bigger challenges faced by society in terms of economy, health and climate changes. For instance helping people find jobs can have positive impact on economy. Helping people out of depression can solve many mental health related issues faced by society.

Various studies have shown that tracking progress, interacting with people and acquiring new skills help people be motivated in achieving their goals. These goals can be anything finding Jobs, Losing weight, Quit Smoking etc. Through research we found that social media is the perfect platform to find challenges people face, help people keep track of their progress through posts and find the latest information. Above all find support groups or friends who can help them reach their goals. We wanted to integrate social media in our effort to help people achieve their goals and make it more fun and engaging and thus our project Tweesome.

What it does

Tweesome is a web app to motivate individuals in achieving their goals through twitter and support Groups. We use Twitter API's to collect data tweets on problems faced by people or goals humanity shares. We then use this information to extract topics for possible goals users might have. Our app has three components: Trends: Shows the trending tweets corresponding to user's goal to help them get more information Tracking: Everyday we generate a hashtag (related to their goals) for the user to tweet about and upload media on the same. This helps to keep track of the progress. The user can also go back to his old posts and see information on likes and mentions. This activity not only make it fun to keep track of progress but help the user remember and evaluate his /her progress more easily Support:This has 2 sub features.

  1. we provide access to all support groups on twitter whom the user can follow
  2. Each weeks we divide our users into small groups based on their goal and interests and hold weekly chat sessions. we have a chatbot for icebreakers and eventually want to get people to make more friends or find people who have similar problems. Developing a community that supports one another in achieving goals.

How I built it

React, Flask and Python, TwitterAPI's

Flask is primarily used as a back-end framework in this project. Python decorator route("/") in Flask provides to assign URLs in the app to functions easily and navigate the data from front-end to back-end. SQLite and SQLalchemy databases are used to store and retrieve user specific data like username, hashtags, goals, the support groups that are followed and tweets tweeted by the user.

This project is built using the React.js framework on the frontend side, along with the usage of the React-Bootstrap and other UI libraries. Frontend module has multiple routes and components that serve to different user actions.

Challenges I ran into

It wasn't easy to find support groups for all goals on twitter cause we were using #support and #goal for finding support groups. Possible solution would be to group people to form support groups. extract information from tweets and find who can help with a goal and who needs and help and club them together in a support group.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We can come up with an awesome idea/solution that simple, straightforward, elegant and helps people in 2days. Also I was able to develop a software to solve a social problem

What I learned

How to solve a change faced by society. Design a tech solution for the same. Importance of social media.

New tech skills: Twitter API's Flask, react.

What's next for Tweesome

Probably how to improve support group search and developing chatbots for ice breakers.

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