As technology advances, social media is the first thing that grabs our attention. Twitter is used my millions of users a day and some Tweets even have more than 3 million shares and 2 million likes. Sharing and Liking a Tweet is one thing, but how about putting that popular Tweet on a shirt? You can use any Tweets that are publicly available! How about one of Kanye West's Tweets? Go ahead! Put a celebrity Tweet on a shirt. You know you want to. Wear your Twee Shirt with pride!

What it does

Our application streamlines the process from Tweet to Shirt. You give us the Tweet URL or Tweet ID and we'll generate the shirt for you. We created a simple application for the user to purchase Twee Shirts.

How we built it

Leveraging Twitter, Scalable Press, and PayPal APIs, we automated the process of creating and ordering the Twee Shirt for you. The application itself is built with Node.JS, Express, and MongoDB.

What's next for Twee Shirt

Our next steps would be to focus on handling marketing research and advertisement before the holiday season. We also would like to make use of an email API to send users an email confirmation for their orders.

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