Well, it is time consuming to scroll through all the tweets that you might be following, why not hear it while you are cooking or showering?

What it does

Audio the live tweets with the keywords of your choice, updates the tweet feed by your voice commands, thus saves you time and your hands for other important things.

How I built it

Built with twitter API combined with Alexa's api, for which we have implemented a whole schema for voice commands to control the application. Built along with DynamoDB to save your preferences on the cloud, so the users don't have to worry that they miss a thing. Written in JavaScript so it can be easily integrated to a web app, iOS or Andriod applications, and of course it would work on the Echo platform.

Challenges I ran into

to fetch the related tweets asynchronized is hard.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

That now it works at some point, figured out what was the problem

What I learned

A whole lot of Javascript and the importance of team-working.

What's next for Tweamer

Well,we'd like to add the application to Echo and we'd also like to add a nice web interface for the project, and it will guarantee to be a hit if we can develop an iOS and Andriod app for the service.

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