As we all know conferences and other MeetUps, such as today's Hackathon, are awesome. One challenge that often comes up before these events is finding people with similar interests you can collaborate and network with.

What Tweam does

Tweam analyzes how well people fit based on their Twitter activity. A smart algorithm matches participants by shared interests extracted from the Twitter API. A straightforward UI offers registration only by your Twitter handle. You can search through existing teams, and see a simple and clean overview of your match. With Tweam you can find a group of people to participate in a city clean up, as well as contacts to expand your network during the next cool tech conference. Also, events benefit from Tweam as increased Twitter activity leads to increased public attention for the event.

How we built it

In our backend we run a smart Spring application that uses the Twitter API and offers a simple REST API to the frontend application. The frontend is build as a React WebApp. It uses TypeScript, Webpack and HTML5.

Challenges we ran into

Writing an algorithm for our matching is rather difficult, as the "Matching-Problem" is known to be NP complete. Finding a simple, appealing design (especially without having a designer in our team) is also pretty hard. In addition, getting the rights to access the Twitter API took us some time. Finally, writing this before we're even halfway finished definitly was a great challenge!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Until now, we're proud of working seamlessly together, even though this is our first collaboration in this team.

What we learned

Getting access to the Twitter API happens much faster when you request an access key for one user only, instead of for an organization.

What's next for Tweam

We'd love to add a Twitter Bot that completes our system by communicating directly through Twitter.

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