Do you ever spend a bit of time writing out a post on a social media site? Making sure it's just right before you hit that post button? Everyone wants to write posts that will reach the most people in the most positive way. No one wants to share their thoughts and have them just drift away unnoticed. That's why we're all guilty of sitting there changing words around to make our posts sound just right.

And so, we'd like to introduce Tweak. A natural language processing and AI solution to helping people “tweak” their posts for the most popularity.(for MHacks we utilized AlchemyAPI) Tweak is a Chrome Extension that has a user type in a post and helps them discover ways to improve it using a UI that is inline directly in the boxes you post with on social media sites. This has amazing implications as our users would be able to seamlessly integrate the ability to Tweak without having to go through any other apps.

Our hope for Tweak is a solution to a problem that most people don’t realize they have. No one is perfect at articulation, and we don’t believe that a machine can be. But we do think that the mixture between man and machine can create a platform on which we can revolutionize the way people post.

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