Throughout all grade levels, tests and exams are a significant part of a student’s grade. One of the biggest challenges for professors is ensuring these exams are fair in terms of their content and how they are worded. If a professor wants more data about a graded exam, they will most likely create graphs and formulas in excel. This process is difficult, time consuming, and it does not provide any student feedback.

Our solution to this problem is “Tweach” (as in We Teach.) “Tweach” is an analytic for teachers and a study tool for students that allows professors to input exam data to immediately get results on a per question basis. The professor can then easily see what topics students have difficulty with, and can find the best way to address the question. Students can have the ability to view some or all of this data and can compare their results to the rest of the class, view what questions they got wrong, and what specific topics they missed the most.

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