School clubs often require communication using Discord and Facebook. Sometimes, Admins forget to put information on one, leading to confusion. With this tool, organizers can control what goes on both pages from Discord.

What it does

Users can use to pull post from Facebook onto Discord channels and also able to send post to Facebook pages as well.

How I built it

Using Facebook Graph API and, we created an app that allows easily shared information through utilization of resources from Facebook and Discord.

Challenges we ran into

Learning Facebook Graph API and was the toughest challenge we faced.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This is our first hackathon so we are all proud of ourselves for finishing our project as intended.

What I learned

Json and Javascript are important to understand on working with any web related application.

What's next for TWB

Add some functions such formatting text, running bot off AWS server instead of a workstation.

Built With

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