The beginning was when I was in the hospital to visit one of my friends, I found a man questioned every person in the hospital to donate blood for his daughter , otherwise her will die because of too much blood loss resulting from a car accident .

Then I got an idea that, how this man that can be published his request for more people in less time without much effort ,from that second i had been started thinking in the development of an application for emergency cases such as this case, which allows the user to publish the emergency case for more people , that their location be close to case location , so i have developed an emergency application , which call (" Twar2 App") to make people help each other.

What it does

Twar2 app is social app , that allows users in the case of the need for assistance to publish their case with description , images and location of the case to make all users in the range of the case know , that there is someone who needs to their help .

By launching the case , Twar2 app will push notification to all users in case range , which user has specified in advance, with the details of the case .

Users can do commentary on the case and communicate by sending message or call the owner of the case, as well as can see real images to location of the case by StreetView and can also react on the case "it's like reaction on Facebook " to make the case more important to the other users , so that the application is more effective .

Users can filtration the cases by time , reactions , distance "distance between user location and case location but must be open GPS to do this filter ".

Users will notify on get a new message or new comment on their cases .

Users can control their cases by deleting them or make them were rescued .

How I built it

It is an Android app and therefore I have developed it through Android Studio using both of these technologies in its development :

-Android SDK -Java -XML -Facebook API's -Firebase -Node js

  • Google Maps
  • Google Places

Challenges I ran into

There were two kinds of challenges:

The first was how to choose the appropriate technologies for the application and at the same time be a low cost or free for demo application. After a big deal of confusion in choosing which type of data storage between No SQL and SQL , I found the best choice as the beginning of the demo application is using Firebase as it is free at first , It is best for me to implement the demo application .

The second was in an interview with many people to benefit from their feedback on the application and it idea , and do people need such an application or not, and can really help them or not, and the result is that more than 80% of people had positive opinions about the application and this It made me happier and more enthusiastic for executing the application .

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

For the application, I am very proud to be I developed an application designed to help people,if the application was able to provide assistance to a person and it actually helping him, i will be very happy, that me was able to provide an application it can help people .

As for the personal level, I have obtained a certificate from Google in the development of applications android and many local certificates, and also got the second place in the largest application development conference in Egypt in 2016, and also won the third place in the programming competition at the university level 2015 .

What I learned

A lot of technology which I was not aware of before and also learned more about Facebook API's , and a lot of information and statistics during the compilation of information to develop Twar2 App , such as the number of car accidents in Egypt up to 11000 incidents annually .

What's next for Twar2 App

There are many functions that will be added to the application in the form of updates, such as if the mobile is collided , through the application will publish the case of the user automatically after 30 seconds if the user does not close it.

I will develop a device such as a wearable for children. If the child is exposed to a dangerous situation, he can publish a case where users know that there is a child who is in danger and needs help.

Also I will develop another device for cars. When the car is exposed to an accident, the device will post a case for the other users to know that there is an accident for a car.

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