Send snapchats to twitter. First X people get can view the snap before it self destructs.

How to use

  • text a picture to a (240) 565-0664
  • @twapchat tweets the picture
  • picture only gets 10 views before it self destructs

How does it work

  • Twilio receives picture and sends a POST request to a specified endpoint with picture data
  • picture is saved to MongoDB
  • URL is generated and hosted on server
  • @twapchat tweets the URL
  • URL listens for views; if 10 views then delete in Mongo, destroy URL, remove tweet

Running locally

Since we're using generators and other features of ECMAScript 6, you'll have to upgrade your node to at least 0.11. We'll use n to manage your node version. Install it first and then use it to upgrade node to 0.11.14.

$ npm install n -g
$ n 0.11.14

You'll need MongoDB (install guide here).

Navigate to a directory in your command line and enter the below:

$ git clone
$ cd twapchat

Start MongoDB by going into another terminal window and entering:

$ mongod

Start the local server while in the root directory by entering:

$ make

You should see this:

listening on port 3000

Now open up your browser to localhost:3000.

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