This is my project submission for JAMHacks 2. Twamous (Twitter Famous) OrNot is a program built using Python that determines if a Twitter user is famous or not based on if the user is part of the top 1000 twitter accounts (followers). It can be useful for celebrities, actors, and the general public to see how they rank in terms of top Twitter accounts (followers). Built using simple Python, and I learned low to import data using a .CSV file in Python.

How I built it

This project is built using simple Python that was taught at the Python workshops at JAMHacks 2. In addition, I decided to learn about importing .CSV files and importing data-sets into Python. I integrated those skills into my program.

Challenges I ran into

Importing .CSV files - since this is a new module that I learned, I had to do a lot of debugging. The main problems were fixing the "for" loop for .CSV so that it only showed displayed results once, and organizing the data. Since the file was a .CSV, I had to convert it into a list in order continue with the rest of the program (if-else).

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I got the .CSV file to interact well with my Python program - it was able to access the data-set for the program. Also, I'm proud that I improved my Python skills by learning this advanced module.

What's next for TwamousOrNah?

Short Term

  • Make a GUI using the tkinter module with Python so I don't have to run the program in CMD (makes it more useful + practical)
  • Add more functionality, by adding more information that came with the .CSV file like the user's rank, domain, and real name so that more about the user is displayed

Long Term

  • Integrate a Twitter API, this will allow the program to access a real-time data-set, which is important for statistics like these that change all the time
  • Create a web app using Jinja2 or Flask, so that the program can be used by anyone, with convenience (running a .py file is not practical for most users)
  • Make a universal version of this program: integrate with other services like Instagram, Facebook, etc. so that it is packs more features (more efficient)

If I can implement these next steps, TwamousOrNah? will be a powerful tool for celebrites, actors, the media, and the public in general.

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