Ashwin, Andrew J


What it does

This simple Chrome extension recommends TV shows for the user to watch.

How I built it

TV Wizard was built as a Chrome extension using React and JavaScript.

Challenges I ran into

React is still a difficult framework for me to work with, even with having some prior experience working with it. I also had issues with dynamically rendering new TV show posters and their summaries as they were loaded into the app.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Though this project was small, I was proud to gain more experience in coding that is outside of my comfort zone.

What I learned

Here I learned how to create basic Chrome extensions using React and learned how to use database APIs.

What's next for TV Wizard

A feature that would use Google Analytics to help tailor the show selection to the user's interests was planned but never realized. Moving forward, I would hope to implement that feature to make TV Wizard provide a more 'complete' experience.

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