I am watching a great show on Sat.1 and need to leave the room. Now I would need to scroll through my 243 apps, find the Sat.1 app, open it, and start the live stream.

What it does

TV Everywhere allows you to simply tap your TV and get the necessary information via NFC to directly switch into the TV app and continue watching.

How we built it

Our Android app gets the information which TV has been tapped from an NFC tag. It connects to the SAMSUNG TV via its non-public API and asks it to provide the current channel. A Tizen app on the TV pushes the information to a Python backend from where it is read by the Android app. With the channel name, the app can open the respective broadcaster app and start the live stream.

Challenges we ran into

  • The P7S1 Digital apps do not have a fitting intention for automatically starting the livestream. Currently, we need to have the apps running in background already.
  • The Tizen developer experience is bad. Neither could we get the emulator running nor is there any documentation for the WebSockets API. Until now, we could not find a way to pass any payload to the app when invoking it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We defined an (most) minimal viable product upfront and reached that goal in time.
  • We had lots of fun and did not "kill" each other.
  • With sprints and standups, we realized an agile development process.

What we learned

We gained experience with many technologies that we did not have any contact with before, namely Tizen, NFC and even Android development.

What's next for TV Everywhere

  • Integrate more channels.
  • Configuration option what happens after the handover - mute the TV, power off the TV, ...
  • The way back from the mobile device to the TV.
  • Native integration into TV devices.
  • Expand to other content provides, e.g. Maxdome, Netflix, Waipu.
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