Our idea to enrich TV watching is about adding additional layer to the TV debates and determine who won the discussion. Here's how it works:

  1. We want to track TV shows where two sides with opposite views try to convince each other to their views. With each such debate we state a "debate motion". Just to give it an example it can be "we should ban animal medical testing", "prisoners should not be allowed to vote" or "government should support home schooling".

  2. If you check-in to such show and than enter our app you will be able to give a vote whether you support given thesis or not. And you vote twice. In the first 5 minutes and in the last five minutes of the show. So you cannot be late. Votings are triggered automatically.

  3. And here comes really interesting part. App ask users to vote twice - answering the same question - because we want to see how viewers opinion has changed over the show ! This way we can pick the "debate winner" - and it is the side who managed to change more minds ! So if pre-debate results were the following: For the motion: 70%
    Against the motion 10% Undecided: 20% at and post-debate result are as follows: For the motion: 60%
    Against the motion 20% Undecided: 20% Tt clearly shows they there are still a lot of more supporters "For the motion". But at the same time person debating "against the motion" managed to change minds of some people. Therefore today he's declared a winner !

We think it's interesting frame that can be adapted to multiple shows. Viewers will be able to see what other think and find out who is more effective debator ! It would be even better if you could get in advance information from TV broadcasters

Results of votings are shown on the charts for more clarity and user is getting Viggle reward points for taking part in 2 votings.

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