We discussed what the most annoying things around watching TV are and decided it would be nice to have a "Butler" that take care about it.

What it does

The Butler automatically finds fitting channels for you to watch based on your interests. Everyone who is watching and has the app can easily change the channel based on his own personal tv-viewing habits. In addition the butler even helps you order your pizza!

How we built it

We established a connection between an I-phone and a Samsung Smart Tv that runs Tizen. Then we created a protocol to manage the communication between the devices.

Challenges we ran into

Poorly documented Samsung API for iOS (establishing a connection was pretty hard) Small problems with the Ericsson API

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Establishing a connection! Great usability where the user can change the channel with a flick of his wrist

What we learned

How to create Apps for Tizen devices and connecting them to other devices

What's next for TV Butler

Connecting the 7TV media library to the app and choose videos from there based on interests. Anonymous user feedback (Did they like the programme they watched?) and viewership statistics

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