TuvaLabs is on a mission to enable real-world based, student interest driven, truly personalized math learning in the classroom. In striving to do so, we aim to close the achievement gap, improve learning outcomes, and empower students on the road to success.

How do we achieve this? We believe that to enable personalized math learning in the classroom, one must be able to overcome two challenges - adapt the content that is offered to students based on their prior knowledge and cater to their unique interests and passions to increase motivation and engagement for math learning.

We take topics, news stories, and significant events taking place in student's life outside school and transform them into interactive, Common Core aligned math learning units.

In order to cater to the interests of each individual student, based on their upbringing, background, and experiences, we have built a proprietary content engine that allows us to create real-world based, dynamic Common Core aligned content at efficiently and at scale.

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