The world is full of awesome, inspiring women who are trailblazing across multiple domains and making our world a better place. I wanted to build an Alexa Skill that celebrates these amazing role models and maybe inspire some more!

What it does

It gives short bios on a whole range of female role models - with everything from Astronauts, to Boxers, to Scientists to Racing Car Drivers!

How I built it

Built for the Amazon Echo using AWS Lambda


I ran into Picking a name! Always the hardest bit of any project, for me anyway, is picking a name that is easy to remember but fully encapsulates what it does! Building the Skill itself was relatively easy, the tools are fantastic.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Getting it built on time!

What I learned

There has been so many amazing female Astronauts! And learning more node.js along the way.

What's next for Women Heroes

Adding more and more role models!

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