As a group of university students, we're always looking for tools to help improve our productivity and our organization. Traditional calendars are not very useful for daily reminders; however, desktop notepads tend to be clunky and cumbersome when organizing many deadlines.

What it does

Tutti combines the functionality of a calendar with the convenience of a desktop notepad to improve your workflow. Its user-friendly interface and features reduce unnecessary fiddling. You can add, edit, remove, reorganize, and sort your tasks with the click of a button. Tutti also supports different themes, and its interface can be hidden or pinned to your screen to support your preferences. Tutti also recognizes .csv files and can save their contents to them.

How we built it

The entire desktop application is built using the PyQt module in Python. The text to speech feature implements Google's voice recognition software. Tutti recognizes .csv files and can save their contents to them as well.

Challenges we ran into

Being unfamiliar with the PyQt module. Figuring out how to make a user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing interface in a Windows application.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting a working prototype. Completing our first ever hackathon!

What we learned

How to collaborate with each other as a team of developers Documentation and StackOverflow are your friends. ROI. Form follows function.

What's next for Tutti

Still some outstanding bugs in a few features, and more options for customizability and user accessibility. More themes! Support other file types like .txt.

Built With

  • google-voice-recognition
  • pyqt
  • python
+ 3 more
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