As students ourselves, we've noticed that there is no surefire way to find and set a meeting with a tutor. One can find out about them by word of mouth or flyers. It is not reliable, consistent, and a waste of paper.

We built TutorStock to try and solve these issues

What it does

TutorStock lets you search for tutors by subject and city. A list of tutors appears with relevant information for each of them. Once the student has found the tutor he or she likes, then they can request a meeting. The tutor can then approve or reject the meeting. Students can review the tutors and the students can also become tutors themselves if they want to

How we built it

We both designed the flow of how it should work, and then we seperately built the iOS client and webapp client which both share the same firebase database

Challenges we ran into

Web development details

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The features for the MVP were all reached

What we learned

Move on from problems if you're stuck and come back to them later to attack from a different angle

What's next for TutorStock

More features and hopefully a release

Built With

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