Like many students, our classes are for the upcoming school year is completely online. We've found that this limits our learning, especially with things you learn from your peers. Hiring private tutors are expensive, and even online platforms such as SkillShare charge a subscription fee.

We wanted to create a way to fill gaps in learning with free, 1 on 1 tutoring. This would be useful even in a non-COVID setting, as it would democratize education and make a larger variety of knowledge more accessible.

What it does

TutorShare encourages people to share their knowledge with each other. Users tutor students on subjects that they are familiar with, and for every hour they tutor, they receive one hour of free learning on the app. They can use their hours to learn whatever they would like to learn.

Users can specify subjects they'd like to tutor and upload timeslots that they're available. Students can book tutors and view their upcoming lesson schedule. There is also a tutor rating system for quality control.

Users don't necessarily have to tutor academic subjects. Everyone has some knowledge to share, whether that's a hobby, such as baking, or even just life lessons.

How we built it

We used React and Material UI for the frontend, and we used Firebase to store user data. We used Node.js and Heroku to host the server.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We've all only worked with Vue before, so we're glad we could pick up React and apply our skills.

What's next for TutorShare

In the long run, we want to normalize learning from peers through a platform such as TutorShare. We believe decentralizing education in this way allows everyone to gain diverse knowledge beyond what the school curriculum offers.

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