Everyone has their own learning style. Some can simply read a book and grasp the concepts easily, while most actually require a more active learning experience. Where do we go when we can't figure things out? - We try to ask others, such as professors or classmates, but find that they're often too busy with their own work to offer much help, so we google until our eyes burn and our fingers cramp up from all the search queries. Even then, we may not find the answers and we hit a roadblock in our learning. Maybe a tutor can help? But we think to ourselves, "how can we afford a tutor when we're already paying a fortune for our educations with loans while living off of ramen soup? Tutors can be expensive. Enter TutorShare: a platform that allows students and other knowledge seekers to split the costs of a tutor!

TutorShare focuses on the core of what makes a tutor such a great learning resource: Closer learning interactions with more focus on the individual students' specific learning goals.

TutorShare is limited to a maximum of four students per tutor to ensure that every student has a high level of interaction with their tutors and to prevent the interaction from feeling too much like a big classroom

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