In high school, I used to put my earnings onto a spreadsheet, but I could not organize all the relevant information about my tutoring business in a clear, useful way.

What it does

It creates a Tutor object and keeps track of the different students the tutor has, how many sessions each student has had, and the earning from tutoring.

How we built it

I created a Java program that parses commands from an input file and keeps track of different data about tutoring

Challenges we ran into

I struggled with how to run the program. I also ran into issues with setting up the project in IntelliJ.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Learning how to compile a file that uses classes in a different file.

What we learned

How to compile and run a Java program. How to look up different bugs. How to break down a larger problem into classes and methods and how to have organization within a project.

What's next for tutorProject

I want to implement a command-line interface and have it so that the data for the tutor saves locally when exiting the program.

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