We were inspired by seeing the tutorial communication gaps going on in our own school and wanted to make a difference in our local school communities.

What it does

     *Calendar System for people to sign up for classes and the teacher can invite them to come to a tutorial meeting
     *This will send an automatic email to the parents about their tutoring time
      *At the end of the tutorial, the teacher can award them points for showing up, their engagement, etc.
      *The teacher can set their own scale if they want, to convert the total points they have, to a certain amount of 
        extra-credit points
                   *EX: 10 tutorial points = 1 extra credit point
       *No rewards, only points.
       *Teacher can enter
      *Points can be translated to physical rewards

How we built it

We built this mobile application by using Android Studio.

Challenges we ran into

We had a super complicated project int he beginning, and it took us a while to tone it down to something accomplishable. However, none of us had ever used Android Studio and have coded in Java! Luckily, our great mentors helped us a lot, and we were able to get an MVP done.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

*Getting the MVP done on Android Studio

What we learned

*Java *Android Studio

What's next for TutorPal

*We would like to introduce this to our local schools and then to other schools and districts to benefit them all.

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