With the majority of the Indian population living in rural areas, there is a large number of underserved communities that lack access to quality education. Due to many schools being understaffed and having many untrained teachers, children do not understand all the concepts and need knowledgeable people to teach them about these. Seeing this happen around us reminded us of how fortunate we are and motivated us to do something about it. There are many well-educated people all around the country and there is a large number of people who are passionate and willing to share their knowledge with others and spend some time in explaining concepts and answering students’ doubts on various topics. Our solution attempts to connect the 2 groups together in order to facilitate an easy and accessible learning experience that helps in providing the education that underprivileged children may need.

What it does

An App to connect people with doubts to those that can tutor and teach in real time through videos to ensure a seamless and interactive learning progress. It is for underprivileged students who lack proper teachers

Features -

  • on demand video call
  • Tagging categories and Grade Level (Filtering questions based on grades/subject)
  • Login system
  • Recommender system for questions on the teacher's end - recommends questions most similar to ones previously answered by teacher - ML
  • Data storage on GCP - ensures scalability and easy, secure access to data

How we built it

We used android studio to develop the front-end of the app (java). The back-end was made using python. To store the data of the users and the questions we used Google Cloud Platform (GCP). We also deployed a custom made API (made in flask) to GCP's app engine.

Challenges we ran into

Integrating The video calling system seamlessly into the app Making an accurate recommender system using the questions as a database (was difficult as we had limited data) Connecting the back-end to the front-end in real time and preventing excessive lag/loading times

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Made a full end to end working app that can be readily deployed Integrated Real time video call without having to use external softwares like Zoom Developed a recommendation system to improve fit between the teacher and the student.

What we learned

Learnt how to to deploy web-apps using the GCP app engine and flask Learned how to make an end to end product in limited time Learned to integrate audio and video simultaneously to create a seamless video call system Learned to build a content-based recommendation system that works on a dynamic database Learned to develop and design an accessible, simplistic and user-friendly UI.

What's next for TutorMe

Adding a chat/message feature for teachers to communicate with students to enable asynchronous communication Build a rating/karma system to incentivize better teaching.

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