Students everywhere always get stumped, and need help in order to overcome struggles with their studies. In many cases, they need the expertise of a tutor in the subject to aid them in the right direction.

TutorMe provides quick and easy access to an expert in the subject, with a real tutor in the vicinity of the user. This way, they can meet in a timely manner and the student can understand as quickly as possible.

How it works

There are two ways to use the app: as a student or as a mentor.

Each student just has to put in their name and and email, to be able to view all the available tutors.

Each tutor will put in their name, email, subjects they know, as well as their rate.

From there, the tutor's location will be pinged, and the student will be able to view all available tutors, the subjects they know, and how far they are.

The student will then select the tutor he/she wishes to work with, and the tutor will be notified. This provides a seamless experience for both users to easily connect.

How it was built

Using Java, XML, a framework was established where calls could be made to the Google Maps API to grab location and display the map. Firebase provided the backend where it provides all the locations of the tutors, and the framework will interpret these locations, and drop pins with their locations as well as the details of the tutor.

What we learned

Together, we learned how to integrate Google Maps API as well as Firebase in Android, which none of us has ever done.

Future Updates

In the future, filtering of subjects, profiles, and ratings will be implemented, thus increasing the usability of the app

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