Tanya Suri gave the inspiration for this idea.

What it does

This app matches students to tutors based on the courses that the students need help in and the tutor's skills.

How we built it

The hack was developed using Python, Flask, HTML, MongoDB, and Bootstrap.

Challenges we ran into

There were several challenges that we ran into over the course of this project. The first roadblock came when installing the tools. Emily's Mac Book Pro runs Lion (10.7), which made it difficult to ensure that the correct versions of the tools were being installed. It was difficult to figure out how to match the tutors to the students. Also, it became confusing trying to keep track of the different data structures being used. Searching the database to find unexpired requests also proved to be challenging.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we have a completed app. We were able to meet our goals and develop a polished looking product.

What we learned

We learned web development in Python using Flask. We learned how to use a database using MongoDB. We learned about searching in databases and developing algorithms to find specific data. Finally, we learned the advantages of Bootstrap when using HTML.

What's next for TutorMatcher

In the future, TutorMatcher will be able to send email notifications to both tutors and students when a match has been found. Tutors will be matched based on their ratings and not just their skills. Tutors and Students will be able to create a profile and track the hours that they have contributed. A mobile app will be developed for TutorMatcher.

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