Our inspiration to develop this project was a vision of student-to-student tutorings becoming a more common thing. We observed in our community that the few times where students gave tutorings to each other, they often resulted in very good outcomes and learning experiences. The only problem was finding the other student. That is when we got the idea for Tutorriffic. What if there was an app where you could find Students in your school that are good at the topics you needed help with? Online or offline, Tutorriffic helps you become a better student.

What it does

Tutorriffic lets you sign up and log in. You can input your topics of interest and then search for other people with the same interests.

How we built it

We biult our app using Flutter and Firebase, two technologies that really integrate together and allow for faster development times.

Challenges we ran into

With this being our first Hackathon and having very little experience with Flutter, we ran into many many challenges including issues with GIthub and merge conflicts, Flutter errors which we had to dissect in order to fix, and problems with our development environments (simulators).

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Even while facing all the challenges mentioned above, we were able to build our app to a functional level, and while it didn't turn out exactly as we had planned and hoped for, we are happy with our results and what we learned.

We are proud to have participated in the ROBOHackIT 2022 hackathon because in these 24 hours we were able to have the complete hackathon experience for the first time. We lived through a whole night of non-stop coding and formed a closer bond with each other. It was a perfect combination of becoming even more friends with each other while learning about coding and hackathons.

What we learned

During these 24 hours we learned a lot of things. We learned how to administer our time in a hackathon and properly work as a team and distribute the workload among us. We also learned many things about Flutter and Firebase.

This was our first project with Flutter. We had very little experience working with it. One of our members is a highly experienced web developmer and Flutter was a very different place to them compared to the world of React.js, JavaScript, weird type coercion 😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫, but more importantly the difference between how in web technologies, the structure of the page and styling are separated, and in Flutter, they are both in the same file. This made reading and writing the code a little bit tedious since they had to change their way of thinking for this project. Our other member has worked a little more with Flutter and therefore was able to do more complex things such as the Chat system.

You might ask, why didn't you do your project using web technologies instead? This might seem logical considering the level of expertise in web technologes. Well, our decision came from the desire to expand our technological skills and really immerse ourselves in the world of app development. We have seen the rise in demand for Flutter programmers and decided we needed to update our skills with this amazing piece of technology. We started to learn it on our own time and figured out we would never finish at this pace. That's when we said: "Why dont we participate in a hackathon and use flutter, that'll force us to learn it". That idea became a reality and became Tutorriffic. Our plan worked and now we can say we are way more profficient in Flutter than we would be it we hadn't joined ROBOHackIT 2022.

Overall this was a magnificent experience. We were able to form learn a lot about Flutter and it's characteristics, have fun debugging and finding the causes for our errors, and most importantly living the hackathon experience for the first time. The weekend of October 22nd and October 23th will never be forgotten and is forever in each of our hearts as the day we completed our first hackathon. A special thank you to the organizers of this event for their efforts :)

What's next for Tutoriffic

The idea for Tutorriffic arised from a real area of opportunity we saw in our community so we plan on inviting our classmates to join and test the app's results. If this works out, we may expand to other campuses and soon be available worldwide.

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