The world has experienced a huge tide of technological advancement in the recent times. Each and every sectors are being digitalized and people are welcoming the changes as well as coping themselves up. So, we came up with an easy solution for all the business owners. We have worked on making a tutorial which will help any beginner developer with no prior experience with the Messenger Platform to develop a chatbot to give automatic replies to the customers as well as showing the available products with details. This helps in faster management of business as the customers will not need to wait for the replies and thus the owner will not miss a potential customer. This also goes a long way to avoid repetitive works of the owner and makes the tasks easier.

What it does

Github Link to a detailed written tutorial for building the chatbot. The chatbot is specifically designed for online businesses,it can automatically reply to customer’s messages and show a catalogue of available products for sale along with their image ,price and other details.

How we built it

The chatbot in the tutorial was built using php programming language and the features provided by Messenger Platform

Challenges we ran into

As we mentioned, our tutorial is destined to help the beginners, we often needed to explain the basic codes with extra detailing. Also, we did some practical experiments by giving our tutorial to some people with no prior knowledge and got some feedback. So, we again worked on those feedbacks to improve our tutorial

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Even thought the tutorial covers the core basics so anyone willing to learn how to build a messenger chatbot can benefit from it.

What we learned

For making the tutorial, we had to dig deep on all the basics so that we can write detailed explanation of the code. In order to do that, we read all the related documents from Facebook, PHP and other related sources. We learnt to improve as well as improvise the codes for serving a sole purpose with ease. We tried to find a better explanation of the basic codes from different sources. All at the time of uploading in GitHub, we learnt working on Markdown language.

What's next for Tutorial for Building A Chatbot Using Messenger Platform

We'll refine the chatbot tutorial and further improve it to make it more easier for developers to implement. Furthermore we'll try to develop the actual chatbot with more features for the business owners

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