• This project was imagined based on the education system and the lack of online resources between students and tutors in my country, Mauritius. Students that are usually marginalized (students with a handicap or students with limited funds) find themselves struggling without proper support. We wanted Tutor Tinder to be a platform where they can find resources to help them academically in a safe and easy-to-use environment that matches their needs. Tutoring is a ludicrous market in Mauritius. Education is competitive and the marginalized students often find themselves lagging behind, but Tutor Tinder hopes to erase this situation for a more equitable provision of the tutoring service. This was the inspiration behind our project.

What it does:

Tutor Tinder is a website for tutors and students. Tutors and students create their profiles. The tutor's profile includes their name, address, phone number, skills, location, the price per hour and the choice to cater to students with special needs. The student's profile includes their name, budget, whether they are a special needs case, phone number, and email address. The website matches the student with tutors based on location, the skill of the teacher, special needs' case and budget. It also includes a search option based on location or skill.

How we built it:

The frontend is separate from the backend. Our team was divided into 2 groups, one focused on the backend using Express.js and MySQL database and the other building the webpage from scratch using vanilla javascript, HTML and CSS.

Challenges we ran into:

The challenge of this project is we are all novices in web designing - none of us had any front-end experience and we had to research it ourselves from online resources. It is also our first hackathon; for more than half of us. None of us has ever written a business case before. Hence, we had to learn how to approach the project from a business point of view. Here is a link for the PowerPoint of our business model case! :

Accomplishments that we're proud of:

Learned and implemented javascript, HTML, and CSS from scratch and actually submitting a project for our first hackathon

What we learned

Google is a very helpful tool; we got the hang of js, HTML, CSS in less than 24 hours!

What's next for Tutor Tinder

It can be expanded to cater to more than tutors and to make Tutor Tinder have a global appeal. Tutors will be able to post lecture notes and resources in the future.

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