We noticed that since we are no longer at school, it's a lot harder to ask questions of classmates or get tutored in topics that we're struggling in. To solve that problem, we created Tutor Team, an app that will allow students to ask and answer questions, plus video call with other students for tutoring sessions.

What it does

Tutor Team is an app that lets students give help in subjects they are strong in, and get help in subjects they are struggling in. Students are able to follow classes that they are taking at school (like biology or english) and ask questions relating to those classes. That way, students who are in the same class will be able to see their questions and answer them. If students want more personalized help, they can request a tutoring session, and students in that class will be notified that someone is asking for help. If they want to, they can call the student asking for help and tutor them.

How we built it

Tutor Team is built using Flutter, node.js, and mySQL.

Challenges we ran into

Initially, we were going to use MongoDB, but we had to switch to mySQL since MongoDB deals more with unstructured data, and the whole point of the database was to store threads. It makes the most sense to store threads as structured data, so we had to scrap all the previous work and use mySQL.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

A lot of us are high school students, and though our app isn't fully functional, we're proud that we were able to work together and get this project started. All of us started at different levels, and we all progressed from where we started.

What we learned

Taylor: I learned a lot about app development. I've done a little bit of flutter before, but this required a lot of reading documentation and watching flutter tutorials. Mostly I've had experience with web development in the past, so I'm really glad that I can add this to my toolbox.

Kaela: I learned so much about different ways to create an app. I'm pretty new to programming, so I didn't even know things like flutter or node existed. It was nice to be presented new resources to use in future projects. I also learned a bit more about design, such as how to make a recognizable icon/logo.

Yonden: I learned a ton about backend development. I learned about how to structure full stack projects, hashing passwords and authentication, dbms technologies like mongoDB and also mySQL. I learned how to query data, work with it (json data), and a ton about servers and clients, how to build a rest api, and CRUD operations. I learned what the difference is between relational databases vs non-relational databases. I learned more about node frameworks like express, and other things like middleware. I learned how to debug problems more efficiently through software like postman to test my api's endpoints. In addition to all this I learned how to read documentation better, and get the things I need and sift through the rest. I think best of all though is I learned how to collaborate with a team, come up with an idea, and execute it as best as possible.

What's next for Tutor Team

Right now, we have a lot of back end for the app, so the next step for us is to expand our front end. We don't really have a lot connecting the two. This is mostly because of database hosting issues. After that, we hope to add video call functionality.

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