We believe education can solve most of world's biggest problems. Given the growing the population of the globe and the increasing need for personalized tutors, it is our dream to be able to create world's most advanced intelligent autonomous tutor system one day.

What it does

Tutor++ offers a platform for tutors and students come together, teach and learn. While this is a great opportunity to learn about new topics and challenge yourself, it can become a stepping stone for AI agents to learn how to teach!

How we built it

We have built an online web platform where students and tutors can create, join and engage in live sessions using a whiteboard, where tutors can leave notes, draw and explain. We, then, use this data to train our tutor bot (Tbot) to try to complement the role of these tutors when they are not available.

Challenges we ran into

Training the BERT + Squad model was extremely time consuming and trouble-some (estimated was about 46 hours with the smallest version of BERT) , until we found a pre-trained model to use. Audio Streaming posed a big challenge as well since web sockets was not a topic anyone of us was familiar with.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to finish most of the project, including the platform and Tbot chat system.

What we learned

A lot!!!

What's next for Tutor++

We will see...

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