We are students; we have often been in the situation in which we wanted to learn something ... or maybe teach and earn some money. But the right persons to learn from are difficult to find - so we've decided to enhance the process by creating an application that does this. "tutor.in" is an extremely user friendly system and can be used by anyone who wants to learn, offering not only the possibility to find a suitable tutor/tutee on the subject of interest, but also to find numerous persons who share the same interests and ideas. At the moment, the application contains a functional news feed, which allows tutors to post advertisements, as well as a chat in which the tutors and tutees can discuss. In the process of building the app, we used the DuckDuckGo API to obtain SHA-1 hashes for passwords. Also, we used MashApe, more specifically one of their geolocation APIs by montanaflynn, to obtain coordinates for a location and then determine the distance between two locations.

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