Tutoring is formally organized at the University level, but this organization falls off at the High School level.

What it does

Application that pairs high performing High School students with struggling High School students to improve learning and to socialize.

How I built it

Drafted multiple mock ups of design architecture on whiteboard. Front end is developed using HTML, CSS, and Javascipt and backend utilizes PHP, SQL, Javascript, AJAX.

Challenges I ran into

Hosting a website on Amazon Web Services and setting up a database by terminal. Implementing Python as a backend language.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Beautiful front end that conveys a friendly and welcoming environment to students. Addresses a major issue for High School students and has a global scale.

What I learned

How to setup a Lamp Server, and how to publish a domain + host for the first time.

What's next for Tutor Finder

Meeting the need of peer to peer tutoring for High School students across the country. Expanding to to IOS and Anroid app store in the near future.

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