''The best way to learn is to teach'' starting from this observation, we have produced this tutorial not only to transmit but also to learn and understand the functionality of Spark AR and helping other people from the French-speaking tech community like us who are interested in building their own filter for Instagram.

What it does

This tutorial is written in french with the aims to help Instagramers, Spark AR newbies to familiarize with the Spark AR studio interface, to easily create and share their first Spark AR augmented reality filter (face mask for sports fans) on the Facebook family of apps like Instagram.

How I built it

This is a written tutorial, which explains how to install, get started, create a face mask using Spark AR and how to publish your create filter on Instagram. This tutorial has 03 main parts: the first is Introduction and Getting started with Spark AR Studio during which you are being guided on how to download, install Spark AR and have a general overview of the Spark AR Studio working Interface and tool. The second part is a practical case where using Spark AR studio version 99, we show step by step how to build a face mask (FanMask) that could substitute the products that fans of sports use to paint their face to show their support for a team. The last part of the tutorial show you how to publish your created FanMask filter on Instagram

Challenges I ran into

The main challenges were to gather the necessary documentation (which was mostly in English) and the writing of the tutorial on GitHub but thanks to the tutorial on ** Markdown ** we were able to meet this challenge.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We pride ourselves on being able to connect people with a well-designed and easily readable tutorial that allows the Instagramer to create their own filter with Spark AR.

What I learned

We learned how to write a good tutorial, how to create a face mask on Spark, and finally how to use ** Markdown ** markup language to add formatting elements to documents ( file) on Github without entering any HTML tags.

What's next for Learn the basics of Spark AR by creating your FanMask filter

For the rest, we will continue to learn, write tutorials that introduce other features of the Spark AR studio platform such as creating a glow effect with render passes.

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