• Inspiration: It appeared during immersion in yourself and memories of childhood

  • What does it do: 2D Top Down Shooter

  • How I built it: Custom code, graphics, and patience.

  • The problem I encountered: Lack of development experience

  • Achievements that I am proud of: We were able to make a working concept!

  • What I learned: I got to know my team and Game DEV better

  • What's next for TUTL BATTLE: We have developed this game in tree days without any experience in Game DEV. This was extremely stressful experience, but we like it.

There are two different teams : reddlers and blues, so there also a green ones, but they dont fight with blues. One day reddlers have attacked greens and you have to figure out why they did it.

The project we made is a Demo Version of the game that we want to create!

We will bring it to release!


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