What it does

A small forum-like app that connects students and tutors on campus.

How we built it

Android Study and Firebase

Challenges we ran into

Our main challenges lied in the use of Firebase as our real-time cloud database. The instantiation of cloud objects and reading/writing to the cloud took a lot of trial-and-error in the syntax and app-testing processes, and oftentimes our use of the cloud caused the application in its entirety to crash upon startup despite there being no compiler errors. In addition, a major setback to the progress of our application was found in runtime errors that had to be fixed by reverting back to a much prior version of the git repository for Tüthub, causing a lot of hard work and time to be lost in the development process.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're mainly proud that at the end of the 36 hours, we had a much more functional app than any of us had ever made. Inclusion of the cloud with minimal mentorship was a difficult task in itself, but we finally figured out how to add unique User objects there that stored on every run and had unique ID tags. Persisting through our github reversions despite losing a tremendous amount of our previous code was another accomplishment that couldn't have worked without our group's die-hard tenacity and determination to have a final working product at the end of the 36 hours.

What we learned

There was so much to learn and so much that was learned within this weekend. First of all, every member gained valuable knowledge of Google cloud computing within the Android Studio framework. Similarly, none of us had ever used Android Studio to program anything, so getting used to editing .xml files and working between those and our Java classes was a task in itself. Additionally, our experiences in working with a team to design an app were limited to begin with, but the processes we went through to get a framework we were proud of culminated in valuable knowledge of design in small teams that will carry on to future careers in any field. Finally, for 3 of our 4 members, Github was a new technology to get used to, but was something that we nonetheless mastered in a short while.

What's next for Tüthub

Our top priority would be to smooth out the communications between the cloud database and our app. After that, the team would love to implement a 2FA method, and to expand our app to include different universities based on their educational emails. Polishing the layout and UI is always an ongoing task as well.

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