We had been wanting our Tufts sketch comedy group to have a website for a while, but none of us knew any web programming. We decided that Polyhack would be a good time to learn and build something that we'd actually use.

What it does

It is an informational site that gives a general overview of the group, links our videos as well as other Tufts comedy groups, and has a nice Meet Us page.

How we built it

We used html, css and javascript, with some helpful guides from on html and css syntax

Challenges we ran into

Not knowing syntax or how the languages really worked proved difficult, so just understanding what something was doing or how to adjust spacing proved to be quite time consuming. Also we realized as we went that there were likely ways to automate, but we didn't really know how.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our Meet Us page, which has a feature where when mousing over a member's photo, it changes to a silly photo of that person, and links to their personal profile.

What we learned

Quite a bit of html, css and javascript! We had little to no knowledge before, but now we could build a functional website from scratch if need be. We also see that there are other tools out there that we could use in the future, but we wanted to see how the base languages worked first. Also we learned more about each other and bonded while walking home at 4am to get a quick nap before coming back.

What's next for TuteSite

We plan to get a domain name and actually put it online (we're thinking and have funding for it), and we want to add more sections to it. For example, we wanted to have a Life of a Sketch section where we show what our design to performance process is like, or a hidden gems page where we have our videos that aren't publicly available on Youtube due to music copyrights. We also want to generally refine the site and make it prettier.

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