The pandemic has exacerbated issues in education, especially online education. Parents and students are struggling with schooling, especially from home. Teachers have limited time to devote to each student. Also, disadvantaged students do not have equal access to educational resources. Many of our team are volunteer tutors who would also appreciate an app that handles class scheduling and payments. Hence TuteBite was born.

What it does:

Students can make account, select tutors based on criteria. View tutors's profiles. Students can book tutorials with tutors and pay (disadvantaged students will only have access to free volunteer tutors). TuteBite will send SMS to tutor to confirm tutorial time. Tutors will accept yes or no. This will seclude tutorial for both student and tutor.

How we built it:

  • Collaboration was done using git and GitHub.
  • Front end website was built with React, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Bootstrap.
  • Backend classes and databases: Python, Flask, Firebase Realtime Database, Twilio for SMS, Restful API
  • Figma was used to construct for the prototype.

Challenges we ran into:

  • Time limit to make a functioning prototype. But we got it in the end!
  • Issues setting up Twilio and integrating it into Flask. We ran into issues with installing Twilio with necessary packages.
  • We had to change our python interface for our Firebase API since our old interface wasn't suitable for our needs.
  • Editing the video to include our skit, but it was worth it.
  • Filming video with adequate sound quality, some of our phones had poorer sound quality.

Accomplishments that we're proud of:

  • Working well together and collaborating effectively.
  • Building a user-friendly front-end
  • Coming up with an original idea for a relevant and current issue.
  • Applicable idea to make disadvantaged student option, as a social enterprise.

What we learned:

  • We are amazing!
  • New languages like CSS and new frame works, like Firebase
  • How to use Twilio, Flask and more
  • Time management

What's next for Tute Bite:

  • Make homework portal for tutor and students to correct/do homework
  • Twilio voice call reminders, emails, WhatsApp.
  • Fully implement scheduling feature
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