Inspired by Chainlink VRF, Chainlink Adaptors, Initiators, RANDAO, POA Network, POS Portal etc.


Designed, Developed and Deployed on Kovan TestNet for the Chainlink 2020 Hackathon


A Conflict Curation Consensus Algorithm Conserved on Chainlink Initiators and Adaptors


Tussle is a consensus algorithm for conflict condensed consensus situations. Tussle is currently written based on Proof of Authority Consensus Algorithm Tussle is transitioning to Proof of Reputation along with Ethereum Roadmap


Tussle between Trading Agents Tussle between Tracking Devices Tussle between Tyrants in Society


Conflict Condensation phase Conflict Resolution phase Conflict Annotation phase Conflict Conservation phase Conflict conjugation phase


NodeJS NPM Truffle Yarn


npm install truffle -g truffle unbox smartcontractkit/box yarn install npm test yar test


Package installation should have occurred for you during the Truffle Box setup.

However, if you add dependencies, you'll need to add them to the project by running:

npm install Or yarn install


npm test yarn test truffle test


If needed, edit the truffle-config.js config file to set the desired network to a different port. It assumes any network is running the RPC port on 8545.

npm run migrate:dev

For deploying to live networks, Truffle will use truffle-hdwallet-provider for your mnemonic and an RPC URL. Set your environment variables $RPC_URL and $MNEMONIC before running:

npm run migrate:live

What it does

Deployment of a Chainlink Client in the Structure of a Chainlink VRF Powered RANDAO with POA Consensus

How I built it

Solidity 0.6.6, Truffle 5.1.46, Kovan Test Network, Remix IDE, Metamask, LINK Tokens, Node v14.11, Yarn

Challenges I ran into

Challenges with Solidity Versions. Challenges with Memory Variables in Solidity. Challenges with Truffle Configurations for Kovan Test Network and Matic Network.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Integration of Chainlink VRF into RANDAO. Integration of Chainlink Client for Tussle Tokens.

What I learned

Chainlink External Adaptors, Chainlink Node Setup, Chainlink LINK Tokens in Kovan Test Network

What's next for TussleNet - A Consensus for Conflicting Oracles

End to End Deployment into Kovan Test Network Sidechain and Scalability on Matic Network Completion of Tussle Proof of Stake Transition to Dynamic Proof of Stake Transition to Dynamic Proof of Reputation Integration to the Beacon Chain Integration with Deposit Contracts Develpment of Oracle Contract Witnesses

Built With

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