At Tuskify we are all heavy Evernote users. We use it for everything! But over the years we became frustrated that the more we use Evernote, the harder it is to keep things organized. I had lots of workflows that one day I thought wouldn't it be nice if they could be done automatically...

What it does

Tuskify allows you to automate your workflows with recipes. A recipe consists of triggers and actions:

A trigger defines what notes to look for, for example notes that are tagged with the New York tag. Tuskify has lots of triggers to choose from, or you can use Evernote's search grammar to search for things like author or latitude and longitude.

When a trigger finds notes, it runs its actions. Actions are what you want to change on your note, including:

  • Adding a tag
  • Changing notebook
  • Adding a reminder
  • and many more

How we built it

We spent a long time in the design process figuring out what would be the best way to implement Tuskify. We chose Microsoft Azure as our hosting platform as we wanted the best of all worlds: security, power and scalability.

The nuts and bolts are done on the Microsoft stack using ASP.NET MVC, C# and Microsoft SQL Server.

Challenges we ran into

We detailed every last bit of Tuskify before we touched any code. One of the things that we didn't anticipate is the processing power required to do what we wanted.

Once we had the first prototype working we realised quickly that as we scaled up we would run into problems. We spent around 2 months optimizing every last bit of code making sure that Tuskify would run seamlessly under heavy load.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're a very small team at Tuskify. We have regular jobs and building Tuskify has taken over a year of blood, sweat and tears. We're proud to have worked so hard and to finally see our creation come to life.

What we learned

We've learned that when you've built something that you're happy with, you can expect to re-build it at least once!

What's next for Tuskify

We're really excited to have just released support for Evernote Business users, which was a huge task itself.

We've got lots of things lined up next, including more triggers and actions, integration with other systems, and of course a few tweaks to the code :)

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