We have been looking at ways to connect the dots between the different projects that we operate. And in the end we build a virtual world to reflect our Eco-system. The next step was to expand it with engaging modules to make it a platform useable for all. Play, Learn, Party, Shop, Live and Earn

What it does

It is a virtual world open for users and projects to build their home and engage. The key is that there are a lot of possibilities to engage and have fun while earning income. A portion of the platform income generated is used to motivate users to engage and play.

How we built it

The TuruVerse has been build using unreal engine and blender, combining it with Tronscan, EthScan, PolyScan and BSCScan.

Challenges we ran into

Building the TuruVerse was a road of trial and error and rebuild. We don't want to compromize on quality and therefore we choose for slow and steady then for quick and dirty. The other challenge is to keep our ambitions and ideas contained to ensure a focussed approach

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud on the quality of the details we have achieved,the storylines and features build into TuruVerse

What we learned

We have learned that a storyboard is important. The structure needs to be defined and then we can build on that structure. We are now almost ready to show a working model the next step is to get some funding in order to expedite the speed of building

What's next for TuruVerse

Next is focussing on bringing traffic to TuruVerse and expand the scope of its world. Build more engaging activities to create stickiness to the visitors and convert it into a digital virtual TuruWorld.

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