A problem with centralized crowdfunding sites is a lack of transparency and accountability, that's why TurtleTreasury creates a decentralized ledger system so donors can see where their money goes. Normally on crowdfunding websites, people ask for money and have no accountability to their donors. A decentralized ledger system holds the projects accountable and builds a trustworthy crowdfunding system.

What it does

A user can create an account on TurtleTreasury by signing up with their Hedera credentials. The user authentication creates user accounts by linking them and validating them against their respective Hedera account. The main page of the web application shows trending projects that are asking for funding. Each project on the main page has a title, description, picture, and the amount of money left to be raised. Users can donate directly from the main page by clicking donate on a project that interests them, and using their Hedera accounts gives them the ability to donate with ease. People can create their own projects to ask for funding. If a project doesn't raise enough money, the donation money can be easily refunded cause we use the Hedera blockchain, and it has a ledger of every transaction made to said project. We can also see how the organizers of said project spend their money as with a decentralized ledger system, everything is transparent.

How we built it

Front-End: React

Backend. MongoDB with Express.js Hosted on Google Cloud Platform

Middleware: Hedera

Challenges we ran into

  • Complicated User Auth that required Hedera Account ID and Private Key.
  • Lack of updated Hedera docs and working examples.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Working User Authentication by linking user accounts to their respective Hedera account.
  • Redux implement with React.
  • Payment system through Hedera Consensus Service.

What we learned

  • Prioritize planning an MVP early on in the development.

What's next for TurtleTreasury

  • Implementing separate donation pages.
  • Implementing a profile page with the ability to edit profile.

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