Time and time again a video of a turtle resurfaces on the internet. In that video a straw is being removed from the nose of the turtle as disturbing as that video is, it is the reality of today's mighty oceans. Climate action is essential now more than ever. Every straw used, every single-use plastic bought adds to an irreversible change. As youth we want our future to have wildlife and green spaces and clean air! We do not think we ask for a lot when we demand these essentials, but we understand our demands challenge habits, and the best way to break habits? A community that encourages eco-friendly behavior.

What it does

The mobile application is simple, for every eco-friendly product bought the user will get a code from the brand which he/she can input in the app, and as soon as they do so their points increase. The user will level up as they engage in more eco-friendly activities and connect with their friends and see how they rank amongst their friends. The user can redeem these points for coupons and offers. The coupons and offers will be with our partner eco-friendly brands.

How We built it

The mobile application is still under development. We designed the prototype using Adobe XD. We are using flutter for the mobile application to achieve cross-platform support and reach larger audiences.

Challenges We ran into

We are not very proficient or well-versed with mobile application development, so we could not complete the application.

Accomplishments that We are proud of

We came up with the concept of the application during these past 24 hours and we believe it could be very impactful.

What We learned

Primarily flutter development, but we also learned about some amazing local companies making sustainable and eco-friendly products that deserve much larger audiences

What's next for Turtles

We want to finish the whole application, improve the UI a bit, and get more feedback on the project as a whole.

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