Sometimes in a project you just have to carry the rest of your team. You will have the procrastinator, the will-not-do-anything-unless-told, and the one that is constantly afk. There will be occasions where it feels like the project will never get done. This is why we’ve developed Turtle, a project management application that helps you distribute tasks between group members and ensures that deadlines are met. Turtle stems from the idea of consistent progress, slow and steady, combined with the image of a leader carrying the entire team on his/her back

What it does

Turtle is used by project leaders to designate tasks and assign deadlines to fellow group members. It allows the project leader to keep track of the overall progress of the group and catch the slackers prior to d-day.

How I built it

Using various programs listed above in eclipse.

Challenges I ran into

The primary challenges we encountered was the connection of various personalized computers through a server. We were recommended to used programs such as node.js, javascript, json, python, and php along with heroku for server hosting. However, we were only familiar with the Java language and faced challenges in learning a new language and concepts for our program. In particular, the idea of json and the conversion between languages proved to be a challenge.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We developed a way to connect various pcs in a network to send and receive requests. Furthermore, we were able to piece languages that we had only recently learned together.

What I learned

We learned various languages and how to use them alongside each other.

What's next for Turtle: School Project Manager

visually display the requests and responses visually, coding it into the user interface

Once this is done, we plan to incorporate a function to help track minutes in group meetings, have a way to visually represent progress (progress bar ).

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