What it does

How I built it


Allows users to report gear sightings with photos, automatic GPS tagging, and other details such as size information and marine impact.

Android app built with Android Studio. Google Play Services, GSON, butter knife

Web Frontend

Visualize all reports globally. Feed of recent reports. Visualize report breakdowns by mesh size.

Built with Bootstrap, Javascript, Google Maps API, d3


Reporting API- Add and Query API for reports globally Search API- Searches through net identification data from WWF

Built with Parse, Python


Challenges I ran into

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We're excited to have a working demo. Our app takes photos and stores them to a database, along with grabbing geolocation data and any net details.

What I learned

We learned a little about working together and staggering our sleep schedules! We used some new prototyping tools for this project which were fun to work with and learn on a live project.

What's next for Turtle Hero

Next steps we'd love to see Turtle Hero have some minor polishing.

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