Controls: 360 degree game play, standing or swivel chair recommend. Tap to fire Swipe to swap from guns to missles when you have achieved the upgrade around stage 4.

Also recommend using nice headphones because of the sound FX

  • Defend your Space Cruiser from attacks, using your Turret as the last line of defense, while you make your way through 10 jump gates to escape and win!

  • Pick up power-ups along the way, by destroying asteroids and enemies.

  • Upgrade your weapons or choose power-ups at each Jumpgate. These include The Seeker, The Destroyer, and guided and unguided missles!

  • Try to beat your high score and top your kills.

  • Progressing waves of enemies, increases their difficulty and their Ferocity as stages are complete.

  • Conserve your energy and avoid depleting your Hull points. Once your hull points are gone Game Over man!


  • Who doesn't like blowing crap up in space Star Wars style? I made the face shooter that needed to be made. nuff said :)

*Known Issues *

  • Sometimes swipe gets triggered by accident when selecting/deselecting missles
  • Cockpit Judder / performance still an issue until I optimize further post jam
  • guided missles are bugged a little bit but they work
  • Some minor text rendering issues and what not

I really tried to fix everything I could but time was my enemy :)

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