Turnpike Messaging Traffic Visualizations

Real Time Message Auditing. Toll Booth to Destination.

This application will audit I/O SOAP or REST requests and responses.

The end goal will eventually look something like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hi231ER6SfE

  • D3.js for the visualization and animations
  • Node/Express for the RESTful API that handles these messages
  • MongoDB for persistence and document store

Project Timeline and Order of Operation

Creating the Front End:

  • Create a D3 Animation Frame that is 1024/768 (Full Screenable)
  • Add Target (Endpoints) Buckets + 1 Error Bucket
  • Buttons trigger movement to each endpoint

Creating the Back End:

  • Generate a RESTful API Server
  • Message as the Model - GET - Find the message - POST - Create a message - PUT - Modify the message - DELETE - Delete the message - Fire the Node (Act as button for FE#3)
  • Persist errors into a new table.
  • Write a job to collect, analyze and report errors by email

Writing For Support

  • Using Annotations to Track Cases in Java

Built With

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